Cancer Coach | Wendy Perkins
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It is an unwanted visitor that shows up. You do not have to “battle”, “fight”, “beat”, “survive”, or “conquer” it. You get to choose how to gently move through your unique journey.


2012 was a year of great transition for me

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through the adventure of chemotherapy, radiation, and challenges associated with intense medical treatment, grief, loss and a spiritual awakening. Although I had my moments of “freaking out”, I am so grateful that I had the tools and support to move through the experience with grace and the best health I could expect. Attitude has everything to do with a successful journey through “THE BIG C”

I have never been so scared as when my doctor told me I had breast cancer. Wendy helped me get through the toughest times and make the right decisions for me. I really got how important ‘present moment’ is. Wendy encouraged me to let people in and I had the best support from friends, family and my community. I am so grateful. -Susan L


Tools That We Will Explore

  • Facing mortality, both spiritually and practically
  • Feeling whatever comes up, managing shame and guilt
  • Living as well as possible
  • Acceptance
  • Coping
  • Treatment choices
  • Setting goals
  • Living in the moment
  • Asking for support 
  • Gentleness

This is a crisis situation. I will join you where you are with love and compassion. I will listen, help you to move through your feelings, make a plan step by step, identify support, and be there as a guide.