Life Coach for Aging | Wendy Perkins
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Change just keeps happening.  Are you feeling scared, sad, frustrated, overwhelmed, angry, disrespected, lonely, abandoned, disappointed?  Are you unable to function because the feelings are holding you back from moving in any direction?

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YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT. You may feel that the aging process is the enemy OR you can shift that thought and create new opportunities as you grow older. It is your choice.

 You can be one of those wonderful women who chooses to love and believe in herself, serve others and teach grace and wisdom. With a shift in perspective, choosing gratitude and acknowledgement, you can make a positive impact on yourself, those around you and the planet. Simply by BEING your true self, you become a model for others and more importantly, happy and proud of yourself.

Wendy is helping me find myself, find my way, and become who I am meant to be. -Elizabeth M, Seattle, WA
It’s no mystery why women fear aging…

  • U.S. society and the media idolize youth. To so many in this speedy, unconscious culture, older women have little value. In other cultures, elders are valued and revered for their wisdom and life experience. 
  • The aging process challenges our sense of attractiveness. We may feel 30-years-old inside but the mirror reports differently. We believe that because of our declining physical appeal, we are invisible and at a disadvantage when competing for a job or a companion
  • Women fear cancer (breast cancer being most prevalent) and other long-term illnesses. Disfiguration (BODY IMAGE COACHING), loss of attractiveness, helplessness and death become overwhelming fears. 
  • Women fear becoming isolated, being left by a mate or overlooked by potential companions who are choosing younger women. Financial difficulties often accompany being left. 
  • Becoming dependent on others can be terrifying. Unworthiness, shame and depression can result. Fear develops around being a burden or not being wanted. 

Are your life changes related to:

Divorce, unhealthy relationship or still waiting for “the one”

Retirement or loss of job

Caring for aging parents or other loved ones

Lacking purpose, passion and contribution in your life

Isolation and perception of invisibility

Facing health issues

Health issues or changes in your body as a result of age, menopause or motivation

Financial difficulties

Becoming dependent on others


  • You will learn what your brain has identified as true fact and as made up ideas resulting from fear, conditioned responses, and misinformation.
  • You will put fear in its place and begin to process and let go of feelings so that you can act from the truth.
  • I will help you unravel those thoughts and belief systems that are keeping you stuck.
  • Together, we will explore support systems that will hold your hand when needed, listen, be there for you. NO ONE CAN BE FEARLESS ALONE. 
  • You will learn new tools (SEE TOOLS FOR LIFE) that require a lot of practice, commitment and risk to adopt into your life. You will retrain your brain (literally and scientifically) by naturally looking for opportunities and drowning out negative self-talk and behaviors. THE MORE TIME AND BELIEF YOU INVEST IN YOURSELF, THE MORE BENEFITS YOU WILL GET.
  • You will choose specific action steps, guided by your intention of how you want to be showing up in life. 
  • Accountability with compassion is my favorite skill. It involves forgiveness, letting go and truly proceeding in your life with pride and love for you.