Grief Coaching | Wendy Perkins
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Grief is a natural response to loss. When someone or something you care about is taken away, you feel an emotional pain. The intensity varies depending upon the love and attachment you feel. Deep LOSS comes in many forms, and it is painful. You might be experiencing the significant loss of a loved one, either suddenly or from a long-term illness

Coaching through LOSS & GRIEF:

Have you struggled with loss and grief in your life? Know that when you are going through a new loss, the feelings of fear, sadness and anger from all of your past experiences come rushing in. Might you consider that SADNESS or ANGER or FEAR is your “go-to” emotion or your “vein of gold” to all your other human feelings? By taking the time to process, allow and ultimately accept ALL of your feelings, you can learn to embrace SADNESS, ANGER OR FEAR as a friend. Your feelings make you human and vulnerable. You can learn to move through emotions in order to choose your overall state of being.

Everything happens at once. While I was going through a divorce, my mother died. I had been taking care of her and when she passed, I felt so empty. Wendy helped me to understand that everything I was going through was OK. She supported me, taught me what I needed to know and encouraged me to take my time to get through it. -Charlotte M.

Grief and the feelings associated with loss can also occur as a result of:


Caring for aging parents

Children leaving home

Unreachable goal or dream

Health issues such as cancer

Falling out with a friend

Physical changes

Passing into a new stage of life

Job loss, whether your choice or not


It is the emotional, spiritual, physical, social and psychological response to loss. You may feel that the depth of your feelings will swallow you up and that you will never recover.  We all have filters and cultural messages that define how we “should” behave while grieving. “Crying is a sign of weakness”; “Stay busy and the feelings will eventually go away”; or “Be strong”.

The only way to the other side of grief is to allow yourself to move through it. Your journey is personal and unique. Seeking support through coaching can help you to allow your feelings, connect with yourself, others and your faith, identify and develop coping skills, and practice patience and compassion with yourself. Feeling better can take weeks, months or years, depending on the individual and on the nature of the loss. Know that you do not have to be alone.



  • Explore the five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance
  • Allow and practice ways to move feelings through you, knowing that healing can happen as a result of expressing your feelings.
  • Identifying those feelings and embracing them as normal. You are not crazy, weak, unloved, alone, etc.
  • Help you to open to available support, whether that means spiritual, a support group, friends, family, or community services
  • Learn to support yourself physically, creating boundaries, keeping yourself safe, etc.
  • Identify those thoughts and behaviors that may indicate depression and/or the need for therapeutic support.

Loss and the grief process are natural parts of life. Gentleness and kindness with yourself and others are essential. Over time, your emotions become less intense and immobilizing. At different points in the process, you will be able to put your toe in the great ocean of life. Step by step, and by going through your process, you can reenter your life as you have known it and create your future coming from a deeper, more human YOU.