Tools for Life | Wendy Perkins
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My training, individual and group coaching, mentoring and workshop facilitating as a Level IV Master Coach with the Fearless Living Institute provided me the personal experience, knowledge and ability to teach tools and concepts proven to transform hundreds of clients’ lives. I have also adopted practices and processes from spiritual teachers and evolutionary thinkers.

Depending on your dreams, goals, needs, and willingness, we explore where you’re stuck. We then will decide on those writings, readings, exercises, and practices that will best contribute to your forward movement.

I really feel that Wendy is present with me in our sessions. I love that she has been an ‘action’ person to me. -Shelly A., Denver

Following you will find a few examples of some simple concepts, tools and skills that you can incorporate into the rest of your life:

Learn the 12 principles of change and how to apply them, beginning with AWARENESS and completing with LOVE.

The Present Moment: The past is over. The future doesn’t exist. All we have is the present moment. And that’s why it’s called “THE PRESENT.”

We have thoughts that create feelings that result in actions. Learn to process those feelings and act according to your INTENTIONS and how you want to be showing up.

Ask for what you want. Learn powerful ways of communicating that will get you what you want.

Clarify rather than confront. Attacks create defensiveness and rarely end well.

You define who you are with your choices. Learn to choose based on you intuition and truth.

STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP! Instead, acknowledge every win and every risk that you take. Over time, this practice will shift the neurotransmitters in your brain from your conditioning to see the dark and miss the light spots in life.

Risking = growth. Practice small risks to prepare for the bigger ones. Eventually, most risk becomes small.

Forgiveness is about you and your freedom to grow, not about the other person. Adopt the means of releasing immobilizing feelings, and practice the stages of forgiveness as well as methods of letting go. It’s for you, not for them!

Balance is a myth. You don’t have to put equal energy into all areas of life at once. Our priorities change. Set manageable goals, celebrate your wins and move to the next.

And many, many more. The purpose of your learning these tools is YOUR HAPPINESS, EMPOWERMENT AND SUCCESSFUL LIFE. When you buy in and commit, the changes are astounding. You get to choose.